things to consider when selling a home

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Price – the crucial factor

What is right?

No single factor has more impact on the successful sale of your property than pricing. The price at which you choose to list your home will determine whether or not your home sells in a timely fashion, best viagra generic or languishes on the market.

When pricing your home in the Boulder real estate market, consider:

  • There is no such thing as an “exact price” in real estate.
  • A sales representative does not determine the “worth” of your home.
  • The market determines the value.

The majority of showings by sales associates on a new listing occur when the house is first placed on the market. Sales agents arrange for their active, qualified buyers to see a home when it is newly listed. Once this group has seen the property, showing activity decreases to only those buyers new to the market.

Therefore, it is important to position your home at the best price during its first market exposure.

Buyers decide what to purchase by:

  • Shopping
  • Comparing
  • Selecting the best value they can find

If your property is overpriced, it may be used to make competing listings seem more attractive.

Be realistic about the market.

Find out what types of properties are selling in your area and how many days they’re sitting on the market. Accept the reality of your local market and make sure you price your home realistically. In this real estate market, one of the worst things you can do is overprice your home from the start. The more realistic you are, the better off you’ll be.

Preparing your home for sale:

Research shows that buyers look for very specific features. Your attention to these details will dramatically impact the speed and price at which your home sells.

Outside Curb Appeal

  • Remove dead and dying plants and any clutter from the outside area.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs to allow clear visibility of your home and windows.
  • Edge driveways and walkways for a finished, manicured look.
  • Remove or repair anything that looks old or worn. Pay special attention to door and entryways.
  • Remove any grease or oil spots on concrete.
  • Add color with potted plants, especially around entryways.

Interior Improvements

  • Clean or replace carpets and drapes.
  • Clean windows, kitchens, and baths.
  • Keep garage and closets clean and organized. Store items not in immediate use.
  • Remove clutter, stacks of magazines, knickknacks, etc.
  • Store all but minimum furniture and wall hangings.
  • Eliminate any odors or unsightly stains.
  • Paint where necessary.
  • Add fresh flowers throughout.
  • Keep fresh, matching towels and soaps in baths.
  • Clear kitchen and bath counters of everything but bare essentials.